About us

AQUAROTO - Toptel Ltd. are designers and manufacturers of rotary cleaning brushes suitable for use in your home, garden or garage.

The unique powerful rotating characteristics of our products are achieved by employing the bladeless turbine technology PATENTED worldwide by Toptel Ltd. Our turbine rotates by flow of water from the garden hose.

Rotating (rotary) brushes

A selection of lances is available for our rotating brushes to cater for relevant applications (see pictures).

Rotating brush cleaning car wheel Roto brush cleaning bicycle wheel Rotating brush cleaning bike wheel Rotating brush cleaning garden bench

Distributors required

As our products are only available directly from us or from our licensed distributors we are currently seeking distributors for our rotating brushes worldwide, but especially in Europe, North America, and Japan (contact our HQ).


Aquaroto products are regularly exhibited at various exhibitions and shows, public as well as trade. Look out for Aquaroto products at GLEE, GAFA SPOGA, the Cleaning Show, Royal Welsh Show, Royal Norfolk Show and others.

Photos of Aquaroto exhibitions