Aquaroto - as seen on TV

Aquaroto products from Toptel Ltd. are new, technologically advanced products based on the bladeless turbine patented technology.

Our main products are Rotating Cleaning brushes:

Roto Brushes

Roto brush in action

Aquaroto cleaning brushes: brushes that genuinely help

These rotating cleaning brushes are designed for private as well as professional use. They are designed to clean the nooks and crannies of those difficult to access areas. These brushes are excellent for cleaning alloy wheels, bikes, dirt bikes, motorbikes and other power-sport vehicles. They are also very good to use around the home and garden (garden furniture, outdoor toys, etc.).

The brushes are powered by the flow of water from the garden hose.

Rotating brush cleaning wellies Roto brush cleaning motorbike Rotating cleaning brush attached to garden hose Rotating brush cleaning car wheel
Selection of roto brushes Roto brush cleaning decking